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Bromsgrove School, Durham University
We are very proud of UKSC student Yana from Belarus, who has been studying at Bromsgrove School for the last three years and has accepted a place at the prestigious Durham University to study Combined Honours in Social Sciences after receiving AA*A* at her A Levels!

Yana has been studying in the UK for the past three years and is very happy with her experience at Bromsgrove School. With our help choosing a school in the UK and guardianship support, Yana was able to settle down successfully in the UK, achieve fantastic exam results and gain a place at the prestigious Durham University. We wish Yana the best of luck and have no doubt that she will be successful in the future! We are also very grateful for her kind feedback.

Feedback from Yana about UKSC:

Thank you so much for your help these past three years!!

Feedback from Yana's mum:

Thank you so much, we are SO happy. We can’t believe it! Yana definitely deserve it after all the effort she has put in. We are so grateful to UK Study Centre for your support and that you always believed in Yana.


Interview with Yana

Did you like your UK school?

Studying in Bromsgrove school has been an amazing experience.

What was the best moment of your school life?

There were a lot of nice moments like Christmas parties and house competitions (Drama, Music and athletics). The best thing about those events is that you get to bond with other students and have fun!

Would you choose this school again if you knew everything you know now?

Absolutely! Bromsgrove school provided amazing facilities and teachers that were willing to help at any time during the day. I gained priceless experience and knowledge.

What advice would you give to somebody who is just starting their UK school education?

Be curious and make the effort to meet people and find loads of friends. Take an active part in school life and pay attention during your lessons. The first year won’t be easy but if you are willing to be active and work hard, the school will become a second family for you.

What do you think you would be doing now if you didn't come to the UK to study?

I would probably be studying somewhere in Belarus. My dreams would stay the same and I would want to go to the UK. But it is much easier to apply to a British university if you’ve studied in English schools.

What university did you get into? Are you happy with your choice?

I got into Durham University. I am extremely happy as it was my first choice and I’m looking forward to studying there.

What are you planning to do in life? Will you stay in the UK in the future?

I hope to stay in the UK after university and to find work there.


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