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Our private tuition service provides academic support for all ages and levels, for any subject and goes far beyond helping students prepare for exams, tests and course work. The private tutors we work with all believe in a holistic approach to learning, an approach that helps students develop confidence in their academic abilities and encourages them to develop and trust in their own intellectual capabilities.

Private tuition that inspires and motivates

Of course, our private tuition service covers essential educational teaching in subjects such as maths, English, physics and all other science and humanities subjects. We also support students who are pursuing studies in arts and music too.

At the heart of the tutoring we provide — either in your home or online — is a commitment to developing a lifelong enthusiasm for learning in students.

This is why we only work with private and home tutors who are experienced and able to inspire a love of their subjects in the students they teach.

Here is what our tutor Simon says about his approach to teaching:

The key to sustainable study is enjoyment. When a student enjoys the work, they'll keep learning all their life. So I aim to bring into every lesson that spark of enthusiasm all kids have — you can see it light up their eyes — whether it's currently attached to football or Frozen or David Bowie. So I teach students how to structure arguments like 'Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar' or 'Roald Dahl is a genius' or 'pizza is a superfood', before we tackle Hardy or Dickens or Shakespeare. My job as tutor is to join up the dots between joy and study — to reignite each student's natural love of learning.

Tutors for special educational needs

We have a number of private tutors who are specialists in teaching children with special educational needs (SEN), including children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Special needs tutors who work with children with special educational needs understand the necessity for a sensitive approach to cater for both the students and their families. The methods they use have helped many students overcome difficulties with exams and coursework in many different subjects. Ultimately, our special needs tutors enable students to develop their own techniques for overcoming whatever problems they face when it comes to academic learning.

The lifelong value of private tuition

Whatever your reason for choosing private tuition, it will provide a standard of academic support based on the specific needs of each individual student that even the best schools and universities are unable to offer.

One-to-one private tuition is built around individual needs and helps improve both short-term performance, such as in an exam or over the duration of a course, and also long-term, by laying a foundation for strong academic achievement and all that follows a good education.

We have seen students who arrived in the UK with basic English language skills go on to achieve top results from the best universities. They have succeeded in building successful and fulfilling careers in many professional sectors.

Academic support can support students of all ages and all subjects, from school age through to adult learning later in life.

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