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Why choose an AEGIS accredited guardianship organisation

We have provided full pastoral and academic care for international students since 2006, during this time we have helped thousands of students and parents find the best and most suitable education options.

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the children in our care feel as at home as is possible. As parents, that means you can relax, knowing that we are here whenever your child needs support. Our different guardianship packages are designed to give you the right level of support, depending on your own familiarity and level of comfort around life and education in the UK.

A key part of our work is the bespoke guardianship service we provide for international students under the age of 18 years who come to the UK to study.

We are experts in this area, having helped hundreds of students settle into a new life in the UK since 2006. Throughout this time, we have managed every imaginable issue that children and their parents may encounter when undergoing such a big change in their lives.

The UK Study Centre head office is located in London, and we are able to supply guardianship services throughout the UK.

Our guardianship service for international students includes full support from pre-arrival in the UK, during academic terms and throughout school holiday periods.

There are three different care packages available for our guardianship services. Click here to find out more.

Host families and guardians in the UK

We work closely with host families to ensure children placed with families are well cared for and happy in their environment. All of the host families we work with are inspected and checked, including police and criminal record checks.

We also go to unusual lengths to match children in our care with the right profile of host family. This is a painstaking process which starts when we get to know about your child during our consultation session.

The host families we work with could be a couple with young children of their own or grandparents whose own children have grown up, or just people interested in different cultures.

All the host families we work with are:

• Selected from the large number of applicants based on safer recruitment safeguarding guidance

• Trained and regularly checked by UK Study Centre consultants
• Checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service
• Selected because they agree to follow the rigorous care and protection guidelines set out by UK Study Centre and AEGIS.

Accredited and reliable AEGIS guardianship organisation

UK Study Centre is proud to hold Gold Standard Accreditation from The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS). This is the most prestigious level confirming the highest standards of safeguarding and care in the guardianship of international students.

AEGIS is the regulator of guardianship agencies in the UK, and accredited agencies are regularly and rigorously inspected. This includes testing the strength of both our business practices and the relationships which guardianship agencies have with parents, students and schools. Furthermore, AEGIS inspectors regularly carry out interviews with students, host families, and parents abroad to ensure strict procedures are being adhered to. We believe this is the best possible way for us to ensure our service to you is second to none.

Ever since UK Study Centre became an accredited member of AEGIS we have received excellent comments from the AEGIS inspectors. Highlights from the report include:

UK Study Centre is committed to ensure that its nature as an international student support provider is more than just words. They are committed to help students to enter a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment that will enable them to become responsible members of the international community. Their company values are trust, wisdom, creativity, support and achievement.

UK Study Centre makes excellent provision for the students in its care. The service and documentation provided to their students and clients are good.

All parents are either happy or extremely happy with arrangements with the guardianship organisation. All stated they had no other comments they were very happy with the guardianship organisation with one stating that they are ‘the best’!

The guardian organisation clearly took her responsibilities seriously.

Arrange a free consultation with our guardianship team

Call direct to speak to one of our guardianship consultants: 0203 397 7744 or WhatsApp 07730 132888.

Email us and provide a few details on our email form and we will contact you right away.

Visit us in our Highgate office: UK Study Centre, 44C Highgate High Street, London N6 5HX.

Available 08.30 – 17.30 UK time.

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