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Postgraduate education

Students who are particularly passionate about their subject, seeking to pursue a career in academia or better equip themselves for the job market may decide to apply for postgraduate education after completing their undergraduate degree. Generally a Master’s degree lasts one year, while Doctorates (PhDs) take three to four.

Increasingly more students in the UK are opting to study for a Master’s degree before applying for jobs, and many courses are oriented towards a specific vocation, with lots of universities offering popular Master’s degrees for Management, Marketing, Journalism, Law, Public Policy and International Development. For some career paths, having a MA degree is thus a significant advantage when applying for jobs, and can even be essential. Other students may study a Master’s simply because they love their subject and want to build on what they learned at undergraduate, for example by specialising in a particular field of literature, history or science.

A variety of different postgraduate degrees are available in the UK, and they are grouped by subject fields, for example:

  • Master of Arts, MA: a Master’s degree in a humanities subject
  • Master of Science, MSc: a Master’s degree in a science subject
  • Master of Business Administration, MBA: a Master’s degree in business management
  • Master of Law, LLM: postgraduate qualification for entry into legal practice
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education, PGСЕ: postgraduate qualification for teaching.

To see our interactive graph explaining how Postgraduate degrees relate to the entire UK education system click here.

Pre-Masters Courses for international students

For students who completed their undergraduate abroad and therefore may not qualify for direct entry into a UK Master’s degree, we can arrange pre-Masters courses which last three months to a year. These courses are run in association with top UK universities and are designed to equip students with the necessary English language, research and writing skills for UK postgraduate study. They also provide essential background knowledge for students who have not adequately specialised in the field they seek to pursue for their Master’s or have changed discipline, and help familiarise international students with the UK education system.

How we can help

If you would like to pursue postgraduate education in the UK, but are unsure about the application process or different options on offer, please get in touch and we will would be happy to help. Through our partnerships with leading British universities we can arrange pre-Masters courses for you and support you in applying for the programme of your choice. We can also advise you on how far a particular Master’s degree may help you in pursuing the career of your choice, and let you know which programmes are deemed the most prestigious.

Call us on 0203 397 7744 or send us an enquiry by following this link, and we will get back to you shortly.

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