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The great way to obtain work experience and earn more whilst studying in the UK

Last Updated: 01 Jun, 2020

In collaboration with a job search company Jobsora, we have prepared a list of interesting internship and part-time work opportunities for students to consider.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a turning point in the history of mankind. With a significant number of companies going out of business and millions of people losing their jobs, we are facing the circumstances that no one could have foreseen just a few months before the pandemic emerged. Quarantine obligations, travel restrictions and the uncertainty of the future global economy have left many in doubt as to whether they should continue investing time and money in their education. Nevertheless, in light of the critical challenges that Covid-19 has posed to the global population, education remains the essence for a brighter future, people’s confidence and stabilisation of the economy. Evidence shows that the development of human cognitive skills increases labour productivity, which further leads to economic growth. Furthermore, education increases the innovative capacity of the economy through technological advancements, which again positively contributes to economic growth and higher living standards. In fact, one of the policies for reducing a country’s unemployment rate is education, which provides skills that help the long-term unemployed to retrain and find work in a fast-changing labour market. In addition, holding a university degree increases one’s chances of securing a job with higher salary in the future, hence again improving the standards of living.

If you are a new or returning student, going back to school or university in the UK after the end of the Covid-19 lockdown, a great way to help yourself obtain work experience and earn money for your study and living expenses — is to take up an internship or a part-time job during your studies.

Completing an internship is especially useful for expanding your knowledge in the field in which you can specialise in the future. Once you start working in a particular area you can decide whether you would like to pursue your career in it. Not only will the opportunity provide you with a better understanding of the workplace, but it will also help you build a larger network of contacts.

We have prepared a list of interesting internship and part-time work opportunities from 10 companies for students to consider:

1. EY

One of the Big Four management consulting companies in the world is pleased to offer the following paid programmes for students:

  • EY Year 12 Business Academy – The Academy is a 1-week summer internship either in the Tax or Assurance office of EY. The programme suits students studying in their final year of school (Year 12).
  • EY Year 12 Foundation Smart Futures – This is a 10-month programme that follows paid work experience in Easter or Summer holidays. Students entitled to apply must have been eligible for Free School Meals in the last 6 years.
  • University Summer Internship Programme – The internship position designed for undergraduate students can be completed in such areas as consulting, insurance, tax, corporate finance.

2. Rolls Royce

This British multinational engineering company gives students a chance to participate in one of the following:

  • Year 12 Work Experience Programme – The 1-week programme calls for applications at least two months before its commencement. Applications are accepted throughout the year.
  • University Internship Programme – The paid 10/12-week long summer internship gives a wonderful insight into the industry and can be taken in the areas of engineering or manufacturing engineering.

3. PwC

Another member of the Big Four offers the following programmes:

  • Year 12 Business Insight Week – This 1-week programme covers the areas of business, finance, data and technology.
  • University Internship Programme – Undergraduate students in their penultimate year should not miss out on the internship opportunity in auditing. The position is highly competitive, so apply early.


The third member of the Big Four multinational professional services companies brings to your attention the following:

  • Year 12 Work Experience — This is a 1-week placement programme that takes place in the audit, tax or financial department of KMPG and runs during school holidays.
  • University Vacation Internship – By completing this internship, undergraduate students can acquire experience in management consulting, audit, deal advisory, mergers and acquisitions, tax or information risk management.

5. GSK

This British multinational pharmaceutical company annually runs the 2 programmes:

6. Willis Towers Watson

The leading global risk management advisory company offers the following programme:

  • University Internship Programme – The summer internship can be completed in one of the many fields, such as investment consulting, human capital and corporate risk and broking.

7. Cambridge Arts Theatre

One of the most famous theatres of Cambridge offers:

  • Year 12 Work Experience – This 1-week programme covers the areas of marketing, finance and IT. Students are encouraged to apply at least 6 months in advance.

8. Mace

The global consultancy and construction firm runs the:

  • Careers in Construction Week – This programme is ideal for students aged 15-17 interested to learn about the key services and career paths, including design, project management, facilities management, construction delivery and sustainability.
  • University Summer placement – The 10-week programme is designed for undergraduate students looking to acquire practical work experience in business and technology in the construction industry.

9. Fidelity Investments

The American multinational financial services corporation offers:

  • Sixth Form Programme – This is a two day-long programme that runs during February half term and focuses on investment management and technology. No minimum qualifications are required.
  • University Internship Programme – The summer internship gives students experience in the 3 areas of investment — equity research, multi asset and fixed income.

10. Vodafone

The giant multinational telecommunications company offers the 2 programmes:

  • Year 12 Work Experience — This is a 1-week placement opportunity for school students taking place all year-round. The placement lets you gain experience in the telecommunications industry in any department of the company. Send an email to register your interest to .
  • University Internship — The 10/14-week long summer programme offers internships in technology, HR, Commerce and Business.

While we have compiled a list of 10 multinational companies, it is also good to spend some time researching small and medium-sized organisations, as many of them offer valuable internship and work experience.

When applying for jobs and internships, start looking early to avoid missing out on the best opportunities, which may fill very soon. For example, many companies begin to recruit students for summer internships already in February, so the sooner you apply the higher your chances of being called for an interview are.

Before filling out an application for a role make sure that your resume and cover letter are well structured, up-to-date and have been reviewed by your school or university career adviser. Read the useful tips from Jobsora on how to craft a perfect CV. If you are a university student refer to the careers centre on campus to receive feedback. In case you are successful after the first round and have been invited for an interview, spend plenty of time on practising answering the possible interview questions. Work hard and remain confident, which will not only help you secure a position, but also perform well in the job.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get help in finding the right internship or part-time position during your studies, to receive advice on your education solutions or to arrange private tuition online.

This article was written in collaboration with Jobsora, an innovative job search platform that allows users to find thousands of work opportunities by location.


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