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Brexit, tier 4 students, the lowest GBP rate in 30 years

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Last Updated: 22 Jul, 2020

What effect will Brexit have on the education sector?

Last Friday marked a historic day – to the surprise of many, the people of Britain woke up in a country that ceased to be a member of the European Union. Amid the numerous debates and speculations, it is hard to say now exactly what social and economic repercussions Brexit will have in the long term. At the moment though, the process of leaving the EU will take at least two years, and based on the latest information won’t begin until at least October when a new Prime Minister is appointed.

Part of the EU or not, the UK will remain true to one of its strongest qualities – providing an excellent education to foreign students. We, along with all of our colleagues in the education sector, are sure of this. Every day we receive letters from schools and universities, assuring us, that no changes will be made to their work and they are eager to receive international students, who form an important part of their communities.

We can assure that for our clients, especially those from the CIS region, Brexit will not have any negative effects on their time in UK educational institutions and on their visas. Furthermore, there is actually one big advantage of Brexit – the British pound has dropped in value significantly, already reaching 1985 levels. Education in the UK has never before been this accessible! Now is the best time to book a language course for yourself or a vacation programme for your child (you still have time for this summer’s programmes!), pay tuition fees or for guardianship services. It is also a good time to purchase real estate, sign rental contracts, make use of legal, financial and all other services, for the quality of which the UK is known worldwide.

As always, you can contact us and we will help you choose a suitable programme, contact your school or university to get their invoices sent to you and answer any other questions you may have.

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