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How do you get into university in the UK?

There are different paths to getting into a university in the UK, which one best suits you depends on your level of education and your level of English. UK Study Centre specialists will be happy to advise you on any questions you have about higher education in the UK.

How long do university courses last in the UK?

This depends on your programme – a bachelor’s degree will usually take between three and four years, while a master’s degree will usually take one or two years. In addition to degree earning courses, many universities also offer non-degree professional qualifications, which usually take one to two years to complete.

How much does a university education in the UK cost?

For international students tuition fees can range from £9,000 to £20,000 a year. Living expenses, including accommodation, food, and spending money will range from £10,000 to £15,000 a year.

Can I go to a language school in England if I don’t speak any English?

Yes, of course, most schools will accept students who don’t know any English at all. It may be best to take some language lessons at home first though to maximize the effects of a language course in England.

How can I accurately evaluate the level of my knowledge of a foreign language?

On your first day at a language school you will be asked to sit an English test in order to evaluate your level. Many schools also offer online English tests, which you can do before you arrive at the school.

What kinds of English courses do schools in England offer?

The main types of courses on offer are: General English (15-20 hours per week), Intensive English (25-30 hours per week), Business English (20 hours of general English + 5-10 hours of business vocabulary), Exam Preparation – for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL. There are also specialized programs such as English for lawyers, finance professionals, teachers, etc. You can find out more about the courses on offer in our catalogue.

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